Thursday, April 22, 2010

1. How I Learned To Thrift

To begin this LONG overdue blog, I'm going to start by thanking my mom for never making hand-me-downs seem like a bad thing, or making thrifting seem dirty because we had to shop secondhand. It was then, and remains now-a treasure hunt. The quest for that perfect item. Today it might be a statement piece of jewelry-
This great Amber ring $12.00 at Mustard Seed.

Or this great piece of crewel embroidery my mom found at Yesterday's Rose.

Wherever these gems are found, they are fun to find and great to integrate into my home decor, or my wardrode, and sometimes even make great gifts!

When people turn their noses up to the idea of a "used" item, I have to laugh, because I know that some of my most prized possesions are the brand new things I've found discarded at junk shops--people would be amazed, not to mention the great slightly worn things that can be polished, pressed or loved regardless by someone who can truly appreciate their value. After all, Where do you think antiques come from? Not to mention, style keeps reoccuring, so I'm constantly able to recreate looks for less by keeping a few staples in my closet at all times from my bargain hunting from various eras :)

There is something for everyone in thrifting--so I'm starting this blog as an homage, a user guide, and a travelogue of sorts to help newbies, and entertain regulars of the thrifting community.

Happy Hunting!